Our Story

/WOLFIN/ - Is the process of labouring tirelessly in order to achieve a goal, dream or purpose. 


Wolfin is a term widely known in the Afro-Caribbean community as it is a process that wavers take to get deeper more defined waves.


The process requires dedication, consistency and hard work. You often don't see the results of your diligence until the process is over aka you get the haircut and your waves are shining through.


It's also like that with life, you often don't see the results of your late nights and early mornings until the wolfin process is over and the idea that you been labouring tirelessly for finally manifests itself for the world to see. 


Our high-end streetwear and lifestyle brand born in East London is to let the world know that it’s wolfin szn, that I'm in the process of becoming something great and even though you don't see the manifestation of my work yet, the haircut is coming soon.


Wearing our merchandise is a statement of intent that you're a wolfer. That means you worker harder than everybody else, your faith is bigger than everybody else and your results will be greater than everybody else's.  


Stay Wolfin' 🐺